A Pre-Pinterest Carnival Party

This particular party was my daughters shared birthday celebration. You see, their birthdays are 2 weeks apart and we celebrate the week in between. And, even though they share the same friends, they didn’t have to share many presents. But, when this birthday rolled around I knew I didn’t want a gazillion gifts coming into my home.

So, I devised a plan to charge admission to our carnival themed party. Each family would pay $5 to enter and in return would receive 5 tickets per child. Each ticket would buy them items at the carnival. One for a popcorn souvenir cup, one for popcorn, one for a snow cone, one for a cotton candy, and one for a face painting. Then, children could participate in any or all of the different carnival style games set up in order to receive prizes to put in their cups. From ring pops won at the feed the clown (ring toss) game to animal crackers won at the cake walk, there were over 10 stations to visit during our party. We also had a balance beam and limbo pole setup for agility clown training, a clown (my grandfather) making balloon animals, a photo booth with dress-up outfits and props, as well as a bounce house to burn off the sugary treats.

Overall, this event was a huge success that I rallied much together to make for such a memorable occasion. I recruited my co-workers as carnies, hand painted all signage and borrowed machines (bounce house, popcorn maker and cotton candy maker) to keep this event low budget.

It truly was a spectacular event that my girls still reference today. Now that Pinterest is available, any event can become a reality and all you need is an idea!

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